Online Recruitment Platform

Online Recruitment Platform

Distinctive application was to be built for our client, and their requirements were emphasised by our developers. Our client demanded the best recruiting software that makes the recruitment process easy for users looking for job boards.

Online Recruitment Platform

Overview of Online Recruitment Software

Our client desired a recruitment app like zoho recruit or talent acquisition that would let users locate services for everyday activities, jobs, personal well-being, domestic responsibilities and make the hiring process easy. This hiring platform facilitates the connection between potential clients and those providing relevant services.

Overview of Online Recruitment Software

There were various alternatives in the market. However, none of them provided a comprehensive set of features that met their specifications. Thus, a market niche required attention. Therefore, they engaged with Smarsh Infotech’s Custom Software Development services to accomplish their vision.

It is of greatest necessity to remove obstacles such as creating user profiles and outlining user experiences to make the app profitable. During our comprehensive market study, we determined that the app’s target audience included all users from diverse demographic groups. Thus, we created the app so that newbies and specialists could use it without difficulty.

Designing and Representation

Hiring our expert developers will help you shape the online recruiting platform app and framework that can compete in the market. The customer was unsure of exactly what functions he desired to have in his app.

Smarsh Infotech’s team conducted various studies on recruitment tools, made research iterations, and carried out interviews with the candidates while understanding the app requirements; then, we suggested making an applicant tracking system that allows appropriate sales of services for clients and also for customers.

The client’s goal was to connect individuals who provide those services with those who could need them by making it simple to find and use those services locally. “Everyone would gain by supporting one another” was the driving principle underlying the concept.

One of the earlier challenges we encountered was turning a vague concept into a tangible thing that was open to every area and would also help them. A distinct idea and project plan were produced as a consequence of a thorough examination and extended discussion.

A few of the numerous processes that required careful planning and implementation were (1) Design, (2) Testing, and (3) Marketing. Smarsh thoroughly completed every task, including identifying potential customers, outperforming competitors, and expanding the product range.

The core and cornerstone of application development are visualisation and prototyping. Smarsh put a great deal of time into establishing a distinctive and captivating design after realising how vital it was.

Developing the Basic model

Developing the Basic model

We have an in-house UX/UI designers team who carefully examines the specifications and characteristics of the application and contribute to the development of user-friendly and adaptive web/mobile apps.

We were able to better understand the project and the client’s expectations by wireframing their specifications. This assisted us in gathering the precise specs and creating a basic model of the final product.

The client wanted a job board that makes job searching easy for job seekers and job posting easy for the ones looking for correct candidates.

Aesthetic and Visual Design

The app’s user interface and graphic design come next in the app/website development process. Our objective was to make a design that would be both convenient to use and instantly attract customers’ attention.

The colour scheme of white and green was chosen to produce sophisticated and eye-catching designs. The interface was greatly complimented and improved with gradients. After including a number of complementing and contrasting colours, we developed a distinctive visual identity and design for the business.

Aesthetic and Visual Design


Deploying correct information at the right time can make your app or even break it. Thus, the improvement of the original standards became our top priority. The requirements of the recruiters were taken into consideration when designing each and every aspect of the app.

We developed the capability that enables users to go from employment providers to service seekers and vice versa because we wished to see a more considerable uptake. This gave customers far more flexibility and increased the platform’s adaptability and use.

It might be tiring and unpleasant to filter through a long list of services. In order to reduce order time dramatically, we applied recommender systems based on prior activity. More symbols and visual components were added to the app to stress and highlight specific sections, maintaining the user on track. The app offered a listing overview too.

We have made it possible to search and filter results using postal codes and locations. Customers were able to locate the closest service provider because of the wide range of categories and search parameters. Users could browse and return to their earlier queries using the quick search record.

The consumer was able to visually find services in his region with the aid of a map view of the nearby service providers and a service overview for each one. With the help of this functionality, we were able to improve the user experience and display the pertinent information quickly.

Users can get a bird’s eye view starting from the time they scheduled a service until that service is finished with the help of the live tracking feature. This key feature improves planning and time management for time-constrained users and improves the product’s value.

Apart from administrators to view and control various components of the software and get a complete picture of its functionality. Customers may also rate and review the services provided by a particular person.

To facilitate contact amongst customers and service providers, we also implemented an easy chat tool. We created it with privacy as the default setting. In order to carry on a discussion, a user must initiate a request that must be granted by the recipient user.

For maximum convenience, we included a variety of payment options into our app. Customers can effortlessly pay using debit, credit cards, PayPal, and other payment methods. Service providers have the option of depositing their earnings straight into their bank accounts.

We chose to use React Native while developing mobile apps and ReactJS for the web due to timing restrictions. As we could simultaneously target the web, Android, and iOS platforms, this shortened the time to market. The features of React, like reusable components, state management, & server-side rendering, made it a relatively affordable option.

Additionally, we built-in support for a variety of languages, especially RTL ones. Using current data, the app can quickly convert between multiple currencies. This assisted the client in overcoming the challenge and expanding the product’s market.

For improved performance, we utilised NodeJS technology to create a backend. Our client was able to cut down on development time by using a full-stack JS solution. To fix issues, expand functionality, and improve the quality of the code, our in-house QA and Testing experts performed rigorous manual and automation testing.



We were particularly impressed by this initiative because it addressed a market need for such cutting-edge solutions. The customer used Smarsh’s Custom Mobile Development Service and our recruitment process to conceptualise and design a mobile app that increased his company’s online earnings and benefited the community. If you are looking for the best company to help you with your new software development, hire Smarsh’s dedicated development talent now!