Online Food Delivery Application Development

Online Food Delivery Application Development

Our client wanted to make a food delivery app that can provide maximum restaurant selection around you from which you can order your favourite food. Users can easily search for their favourite food or restaurant nearby their location.

Online Food Delivery Application Development

Overview of food delivery app

Our client wanted to develop a food delivery app from where users can place an order for their favourite food and get it delivered to their place. This online platform would help people with easy food delivery from their preferred restaurant to their doorstep.

Overview of food delivery app

They wanted to reinvent how people order delicious food from top restaurants. Not only that, but he wanted to make the ordering and delivery process more accessible. To get this app developed on Android and iOS platforms, he chose Smarsh Infotech as their food delivery app development company.

Our project manager and developers team collected basic app requirements from our client and began to create a food delivery app using our latest techniques and tools. No doubt, in the end, we delivered a user-friendly application that makes ordering food easy.

Challenges faced while food delivery app development

Online ordering and food delivery apps are common concepts in today’s market. Developing similar applications is competitive and challenging. We have to offer some attractive and unique features to end users to let the app make its place in the market.

Here are some challenges that our team faced while developing the online food delivery app for our client:

  • Using the best and latest technologies to increase the app performance
  • Adding user feedbacks IN THE food ordering app
  • Adding features like live tracking, real-time notifications, etc.
  • Engaging users to order more
  • Attracting users for long-term connections with the app

Besides these challenges, there were a couple of more app requirements that were tough to add, but Smarsh Infotech’s developers fulfilled them satisfactorily.

Solution for developing food delivery apps

Solution for developing food delivery apps

As online food delivery applications are typical, making our app unique from other applications was our motive. For that, our team of developers and project managers went deep to understand requirements and implement them into real ones.

Here are some unique solutions that we embedded in the app to make it unique

Final application for our client’s demand food delivery app

After the client approved the basic prototype of the application, our team began to build a food delivery app.
Here are the features that we included in the final application:

If the user is new, he needs to sign up using email or preferably their phone number and basic details so that the delivery person can quickly contact them. Once sign-up is completed, the user just needs to log in to the app from the next time.

If the user enables their location, it gets easy for the app to suggest to them their nearby restaurants. However, users can also search for their favourite food and restaurant from the search bar.

Additionally, there’s a separate section in the app that shows restaurants giving maximum discounts. You can quickly figure out what food you can order and save more money.

After you choose the restaurant, the screen will display the estimated food delivery time from that restaurant; and its distance from your location.

Users can get a bird’s eye view starting from the time they scheduled a service until that service is finished with the help of the live tracking feature. This key feature improves planning and time management for time-constrained users and improves the product’s value.

Apart from administrators to view and control various components of the software and get a complete picture of its functionality. Customers may also rate and review the services provided by a particular person.

While ordering food from any random restaurant, review the food quality reviews that other users have published in the app. It will help you order the right food for you.

COD is available in most of the orders. You can also make payments through different online payment models.

Order tracking is available for users. They can track the estimated time and location of the delivery person using these tracking features.

If you feel you want to repeat any previously ordered food, you can check your order history and repeat the order. Also, you can keep track of the number of food orders you place.

You can easily update your information by visiting the user profile tab in the app. You can add or update your details in the application easily.

The order status is shared with you continuously, from placing the order to the order being delivered. The food delivery person will contact you through your contact number if your location is not clear to them. So, try to share the correct contact details.

Users can rate the restaurant, and its food, the delivery person and the application itself easily using the application itself. Your reviews and ratings will be public, and other users can read them. So, you can help other users to know which restaurant provides delicious and quality food and which restaurants to avoid.


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After delivering this online food delivery app to our clients, they observed a notable increase in the ROI of their business. Ultimately, making profitable apps for your business is our goal.

We also look forward to long-term relations with our clients. Hence, we never fake-promise anything, always match our client’s requirements, and deliver projects on time. You can also enjoy our after-deployment application maintenance and support services. Our experts keep your app up-to-date, and regular upgrading keeps the app future-proof.

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