Developing Mobile Banking Application

Developing Mobile Banking Application

Our client needed an Android/iOS mobile banking application that can provide mobile banking services over a smartphone with high-security measures. And our expert developers conquered the challenges and delivered the app on time.

Developing Mobile Banking Application

Overview of Mobile Banking Application

Our Customer from Europe needed a mobile banking software. The needs of this mobile app were that it should be qualitative, flexible, customer-centric, and highly secure.

Overview of Mobile Banking Application

Banking apps are always required to meet high-security standards, or else the app may create costly disasters. Using our latest tech stacks, cloud-native technology, and leading portals, our client has got their name as one of the leading European banks with the best app.

To meet the requirements of the banking app, Smarsh Infotech provided our client with our expert developers team. The dedicated team had a deep knowledge of the banking sector and considerable Android and iOS app development expertise.

Here are the challenges that our team faced while developing a mobile banking app for our client.

Challenges of a Mobile Banking App development

Maintaining high security was the main challenge that we faced while we decided to create a mobile banking app. Mobile banking apps are useful only when they are completely secure for use.

The fin-tech niche is rapidly-growing, and so are the chances of internet fraud. Hence, while using our client’s mobile banking application, the end users should feel secure that their banking data is not leaked. While we began to develop a mobile banking app prototype, here are some challenges we noted at that time.

Challenges of a Mobile Banking App development
Other common challenges that we had to work on while building the mobile banking development

Other common challenges that we had to work on while building the mobile banking development:

  • Avoiding leaks of user data
  • Integrating already available wealth frameworks of the bank.
  • Easy-to-use yet the secure user interface
  • Not compromising the quality of bank application.
  • Making smartphone-compatible features in the app.

Solution for Mobile Banking Application development

After collecting all relevant information from our client, Smarsh Infotech started with a full cycle development of a mobile banking app. We started with analysing and defining the requirements and then designing a prototype.

After that, our developers began developing the final project, implementing features, testing the app, and releasing it to the market.

Smarsh Infotech’s experts and our client put a strong emphasis on improving user experience when developing the app. As a consequence, the application was created to enable clients to carry out a variety of financial activities, including checking balances, managing credit and deposits, transferring money online, making payments (including planning and setting recurring payments), recharging mobile devices, and more.

This app utilises features like GPS navigation (to find the closest service station), push alerts, and interaction with SMS banking in the event of an internet connection failure.

Smarsh Infotech developers utilised a two-step user authentication protocol provided by the world leader in verification – VASCO data security – because data security has been a significant issue.

This method relies on a PIN code that, once the app is active, is connected to it. The software is safe even if the other party knows the PIN because no outside interference is permitted. Additionally, it is hassle-free because the user does not need to generate unique codes for every session.

By maintaining a minimal design, our team was successful in creating a user experience with sharp colours, simple navigation, and customizable dashboards. Users can report security warnings and ask the banks to notify or contact them back in case of emergencies.

Final Banking App development

Final Banking App development

The banking app was successfully deployed and is now accessible on Google Play and the App Store. The app has been well-known for assisting the bank’s consumers to be more responsive, save time, and have greater control over their banking accounts and goods.

Smarsh Infotech’s team always looks at our customer’s feedback with enthusiasm. We release regular updates to the app and also provide top-notch maintenance and support services to our clients.

The banking app development cost was kept to the minimal possible despite the complex banking app features. Our banking app developers decided to create a banking app for our client to provide quality for their bank.


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