Top 9 web development trends to expect in 2023

The Top web development Trends in 2022

Quick Summary:- Upgrading your website as per the current trend in the web development industry is crucial to get an edge over your competitors in the digital world. Let’s dive deep into the top website development trends to expect in 2023.

Web development is evolving at a rapid speed with each passing year. The Standards for web development are also changing faster than one can implement it. It makes it difficult for agencies and developers  to survive in this fast-growing digital marketing world.

So, to keep up with the competition and attract more customers, it is imperative to focus on the latest trends, techniques, and approaches of web development that are gaining popularity.

The biggest challenge nowadays development companies face is to identify the right trends in website development that will work for your business.

To make it easier for you, in this blog, we will discuss the latest web development trends that will evolve in 2023.

Let’s look at the nine most popular web development trends for 2022.

1. Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Single page application is considered one of the most significant latest trends to follow in web app development. Single page applications (SPA) are JavaScript-based web applications with a single HTML page in a visitor’s browser that loads the whole HTML page at first request and then dynamically updates the content as needed without refreshing the whole page.

AJAX and HTML5 are used to make SPAs responsive. In addition to that, Frontend JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, Ember, and Angular handle the client-side development for SPAs.

Benefits of SPA (one of the top web development trends)

  • Quick loading time and reduced bounce rate: Full page upload is faster than a traditional web application with the SPA approach. It only has to load the entire page at the first request and update only the required content on the web app instead of the whole page. And so, it optimizes the page loading speed and reduces the bounce rate.
  • Offline Support: SPA consumes less bandwidth; meanwhile, it loads pages once only. Besides that, these apps do well in areas with a slow internet connection. So it is convenient for all to use irrespective of internet speed and it works offline using cached data.
  • Convenient Debugging: Debugging process is easy for the developers as single page application SPA offer developers tools.
  • Offers Easy Navigation & Seamless User Experience: Single page app has a simple design, and it delivers an experience like a desktop or mobile app. Users do not have to click on many links. It offers Easy navigation as a scrolling app does the job, making the user experience enjoyable.

Examples of SPAs

The most preferred single-page applications are Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All these SPAs are one of the top website development trends as of 2021, and it is expected to be continued in 2022.


2. Progressive web applications (PWA)

A Progressive web applications (PWA) are the latest trends in website development, built using standard web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. A PWA application works on any device with a regular browser with an almost whole native mobile app experience. The technology has gained popularity for its possibility to propose a high-quality user experience.

JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Vue, and Polymer build PWAs. In addition to that, some libraries and tools like Webpack, Iconic, and lighthouse are also utilized to make specific functionalities to the apps.

According to Ericsson’s analysis, international mobile data traffic is projected to become 4.5 times more and achieve a monthly amount of 226 EB in 2026. Consistent with the Statista report, 9% of eCommerce firms invested in progressive web apps (PWA) in 2021.

progressive web apps (PWA) - share of correspondents

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Benefits of PWA in Web Development

  • Reduced development and support costs: Have comparatively low development costs. It does not need to build separately for each platform and browser, which meaningfully reduces the development cost.
  • Easy Deployment: PWAs can be deployed easily using a single code base that runs on accelerated mobile pages and web browsers.
  • Low data usage and Offline accessibility: It works fine in low internet reception and is also possible to access offline like Google Maps.
  • Increased customer engagement: The high speed, low data usage, and offline browsing of PWA help businesses reach improved conversion rates and better customer engagement and conversion.
  • Other benefits: It has other benefits like a Quicker launch to the market, Easier distribution, saving device power and storage, seamless maintenance, and updating.

Famous PWA Use Examples

The most popular Progressive Web Apps Use cases


Here are a few examples of famous businesses that used PWA’s latest web development technology and increased revenue.

  • Alibaba: Alibaba’s implementation of PWA resulted in User engagement increased to 76%.
  • Twitter Lite PWA: It was integrated as the standard User Interface in 2017. It helped in dropping the bounce rate by 20%, the number of tweets increasing (up to 75%), and so on.
  • Pinterest PWA: Pins increased by 401%.


3. AI-powered Chatbots

In 2022, AI chatbots are predicted to become even more sophisticated, humane, intelligent in meeting the requirements and matching the behavior of users by leveraging deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), conversational AI, and information retrieval techniques.

During the COVID times, we have already observed COVID-19 informative websites and new businesses operating chatbots to serve users with all information they need. AI chatbots can handle complex processes and prompt answering, thereby providing seamless digital experiences with a company.

Technologies like Microsoft Bot framework, Facebook Bot Engine, and DailougeFlow open-source builds these bots.

AI-Powered Chatbots in Banking - Examples, Best Use Cases and the Future

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Benefits of using AI-powered Chatbots

  • 24*7 Availability: Chatbots are available 24×7 and can respond to your customer’s queries as fast as possible.
  • Easy Development: Make development easier by replacing navigational website elements.
  • More customer Engagement: Chatbots communicate instantaneously with your website visitors and social media followers. It can give suggestions based on customers’ queries and suggest several tips to customers time-to-time.
  • Data Collection: Chatbots can communicate with your customers and collect their names, email ids, and more. You can easily access these data by integrating chatbot with your CRM.


AI-powered Chatbots Use Cases

  • AI chatbots are implemented by many well-known brands like Starbucks, Slush, Pizza hut, and Sephora to provide a better-personalized experience to users.
  • Nestle’s NINA, HDFC Bank’s EVA, Madison Reed, Lidl Winebox are a few more chatbot samples among the latest web development trends.


4. Dark Mode

A few years ago, The dark mode was first introduced, but from 2020 through 2021 has gained immense popularity. Its visual design pattern became a mainstream trend in web app development.

The dark mode is associated with the color scheme that uses light-colored text or other UI elements on a darker background to reduce eye strain during night usage or in a dark environment. Most importantly, to save battery life. The UI keeps the minimum color contrast ratios that a device screen requires through Dark mode for good readability.

The dark mode is a significant consideration of every web development at present. Android Authority surveys suggest that 81.9% of users prefer dark mode over light mode, and 9.9% said that they toggle between dark mode and light mode from the settings according to their preference. Whichever way it’s applied, there is no doubt that the dark mode will be an inevitable web development trend in 2022.

This technology is implemented by many tech giants like Twitter, Apple, Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube into their products, and many well-known companies are in the line to implement this trending technology.

Dark Mode - reddit Example

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Benefits of Dark Mode:

  • Reduces Eye Strain: While the dark text on a white background is the best in terms of readability, Dark Mode, which has light text on a dark background, is better for reducing eye strain while reading in low light conditions.
  • Less battery consumption: It saves battery; about 60% of battery power can be held even in 100% brightness, using dark mode on devices using an OLED or AMOLED screen.
  • Minimizes Blue-light: It reduces emittance of blue light. The blue-emitted light exposure leads to visual impairments or light sensitivity.
  • Legibility: With most screens dark, the screen glare is reduced, making the UI content legible and accessible.


5. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT can be defined as a technology of interconnected devices where human involvement is not required for data transfer. IoT is one of the most vibrant tech trends among current trends in web application development.

How does IoT work? So, this is the answer – Devices are connected to the internet via intelligent sensors. That will share and collect real-time data. IoT connected gadgets/devices make continuous data transfer.

Technology helps companies offer their software services to customers quickly, creating personalized experiences.

Many devices are accessible through our mobile devices with the help of IoT technology. Additionally, users can easily access real-time data, like the facts and figures or a specific location.

It provides its worth in every trade with logistics, manufacturing, and food & beverages segments. Also, it comes with broad applications like signaling equipment, cameras, sensors, and many more., which helps to solve client requirements more capably.

According to a Statista report, it is forecasted that worldwide spending on IoT by 2023 will reach 1.1 trillion US dollars, and there will be more than 75.50 billion connected devices by 2025.

Internet of things (IoT) - Number of IoT devices 2015-2025 Statista


  • Conducted cars & driverless vehicles
  • Smart cities
  • Smart contact lenses
  • IoT tracking systems
  • Wearable Biometric cybersecurity


Benefits of IoT

  • Minimize human effort & save time: IoT devices interact and communicate to automate the tasks. Thus, it improves business services quality, reduces the dependencies for human intervention, and keeps our time.
  • Improved customer experience: IoT devices can track customers’ behavior and deliver excellent customer experiences.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Resource utilization can be raised, and we can monitor natural resources by identifying the functionality and working of each device. So, by cutting down the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, businesses can improve companies’ efficiency and productivity.
  • Use in traffic systems: Using IoT technology, delivery, traffic or transportation tracking, asset tracking, inventory control, customer management, and individual order tracking can be more cost-effective with the right tracking system.
  • Mobility: In the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility simplifies employee productivity and increases profit by allowing employees to work from any location.


6. Voice Search Technology

Voice Search Technology

We cannot ignore the trend of voice search. This technology has brought revolutionary improvements in the tech world by joining people and technology.

Voice searches are made to deliver more accurate and faster outputs than text searches. Voice search technology is integrated by speech recognition components and web speech API with speech synthesis in any web application.

Thanks to voice assistants and IoT, devices that use voice recognition are becoming popular. Voice optimization for apps and websites and voice-activated self-standing devices are the latest innovations in web development.

According to Adobe, after the pandemic, Massive progress has been noticed in adopting voice technology for contact-less interactions. The vast growth of 31.82 billion USD by 2025 is also reported in Grand View Research.

Voice-activated speakers like Google assistant, SIRI, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home have already proved their worth in offices and homes with increasing demand.

Benefits of voice search technology

  • Hassle-free user experience: While searching basic information using voice search technology, it offers a hassle-free user experience.
  • Fast access to website information: it gives instant results for your search queries and loads the web page immediately.
  • Improves customer loyalty: this technology offers multilingual support, making it very simple to use and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Supports multitasking: voice search technology can simultaneously perform multiple tasks from navigation to setting up meetings and reminders.


7. API-First Development

API-First approach to application development is growing in popularity at this time. It was introduced when the demand for connecting external applications and products to an existing app increased. API-first development approach has been submitted to overcome the cumbersome and time-consuming process of APIs development.

API- First Approach

Therefore, API first approach is an integral part of this growing ecosystem to connect technologies and organizations. A Directory of 24000 APIs is available on to integrate into any business application.

API first development has many benefits, but the most important is user-focused. This approach allows developers to work parallel, reducing development time and costs. It also reduces the risk of failure of a project by ensuring that all the APIs are steady and reliable. Hence, API-first development is one of the major trends in web development.

Benefits of API-First Development:

  • Faster time to market, reduced development time
  • Improved customer experience by integrating external functionalities
  • Reduced development cost
  • Increased adaptability

Here are some of the most popular tool-sets used to design and document APIs:


8. Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is the fastest-growing cloud computing paradigm nowadays. This architecture runs on cloud technology, and developers can focus on the code instead of the scaling, maintenance, and infrastructure facilities. So, they can deploy applications developed on serverless models within less time.

Amazon, Netflix, and Google are the leading examples of companies that have earned the most profit after adopting serverless architecture. IBM OpenWhisk, Microsoft Azure, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions are famous names that provide server-less services.

Serverless Computing - AWS Lambda - Amazon Web Services

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According to data from Grand View Research, the worldwide server less architecture market is fore casted to be worth $19.84 billion by 2025. There is a big possibility that more companies will enter this market in 2022 and beyond.

As one of the most interesting current web development trends, server less architecture has many benefits. The main advantages are as follows:

Benefits of Server less Architecture:

  • Enhanced scalability and app flexibility
  • Faster time-to-market;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Only pay for the resource you use
  • Delegated maintenance
  • Easy integration of new features


9. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is an encrypted database storage system. It is a distributed and open ledger technology that gives secure online transactions removing all the middlemen in the network.

It offers fast transactions and eliminates the prolonged documentation process from the network and trading by automating the manual processes. Because of that, many banks and leading companies are adopting blockchain implementation.

Blockchain technology offers innumerable benefits, one of which is that it provides more secure and error-free transactions. The digital currency, bitcoin, is underpinned by this technology. In the last decade, Cryptocurrency usage has increased because of the acceptance of Bitcoin by effective payment systems. Approximately more than 34 million blockchain wallets were used globally in 2019.

One of the best examples to know how blockchain works is Google Docs. Google Docs offers greater transparency by allowing all network users to share the same document instead of individual copies.

Some tools and technologies used to make a blockchain ecosystem are Ether Scripter, Truffle Framework, Solc, Remix IDE, Geth, Embark, Metamask, Ganache, and Blockchain as service (BaaS).

Benefits of Blockchain Technology:

  • Improved security and privacy
  • Secure Payment Transactions
  • Reduced Financial Business Cost Speed
  • Visibility and traceability
  • Immutability
  • Individual control of data.
  • Simple Integration with Blockchain-as-a-Service



In 2022, the current trends in web development will have lots of improvements. This article has discussed the most important future trends in web development that boosts user engagement. Adopting the latest trends and technologies, you can ensure your website stays competitive, attractive and offers a great user experience.

We have listed the top 9 contemporary web development trends that pledge to prosper in 2022. Do you wish for a reliable custom software development companion? Smarsh Infotech will be eager to implement your ideas into reality and grow your business.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We provide world-class web development services to our clients worldwide.

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